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Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

I am sitting in my chair barely able to move 2 days ‘over did it’ while exercising.   Muscle memory is real folks!  I was having so much fun that; my body went back to the 2015.  My 2021 body needs multiple days recovery time.  A couple of months ago I would be beating myself up.Continue reading “Sometimes you just gotta laugh.”

Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?

I did Tony’s Robbins 5-day free challenge last week and my mind is blown.   I mean… yes, I have heard that his events have done tremendous transformations. He coaches Serena Williams, Michael Jordon and even Oprah has gone to his events.   But, I free challenge… let’s just say my expectations were not very high.  IContinue reading “Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?”

How a solo traveling brought me back to me.

2019 was very interesting to me. I had finally recovered from injuries from a car accident.  My roommate and best friend had decided to settle down and buy a house.  I wasn’t there yet. I had some decisions to make about my future; which was hazy.   The accident pushed me off a trajectory that I thoughtContinue reading “How a solo traveling brought me back to me.”