Question? Who decides your happiness?

When you decide that you are the master of your happiness life gets very interesting.

Another day. Another decision.

Hi Friends! With each new day brings a new opprunity to raise your vibration. And as always…it all starts with a decision. How about deciding not to doubt yourself? The inclination is there. I know this because your instinct is leading you to consume information on creating a better life. With that being said; whyContinue reading “Another day. Another decision.”

Shout out to Mel Robbins!

My introduction to Mel Robbins was on YouTube. Her video popped up because of all the ‘Law of Attraction’ videos I am constantly consuming. High five to the YouTube algorithm! You got it right! The first video that struck a note with me is 54321 method.Sounds silly right?How could a countdown improve my life?And howContinue reading “Shout out to Mel Robbins!”

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