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Can procrastination actually be regarded as a positive?

The questions that opened a new perspective regarding the emotion of procrastination for me.   Lunch with my best friend took an interesting turn the other day as we dived into a conversation about procrastination. She had made a comment of how bad of a procrastinator she is.    That comment lead me to ask her ifContinue reading “Can procrastination actually be regarded as a positive?”

Want to know the secret answer to all your problems?

Bold statement I made with that headline, right? Keep reading and let me present to you a different way to approach manifestations. Ready? The secret is problems are part of the human experience. Everyone has problems. That’s it.   Most of us try and manifest things because we think that ‘thing’ will make all of ourContinue reading “Want to know the secret answer to all your problems?”

10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.

Hi Friends! Everyone is always talking about how being grateful is one of the secrets to living a happier life. This is very true. The more you are grateful; the more things for you to be grateful for will flow into your life. We usually limit of gratitude work to a morning or night routine.Continue reading “10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.”

It all starts with a decision.

The thing about decisions is that most are made subconsciously. We take the same route to work each day. We decide that if we stay in bed past a certain time on a non-work day we are being lazy. We decide to be negative or to be a positive person. The way we view lifeContinue reading “It all starts with a decision.”

Don’t rush the journey, it is what life is about.

Great! You have made the decision to raise your vibration, yet nothing has changed. It used to piss us off. Until, Abraham Hicks reminded us about contrast, the journey and feeling good. Feeling good is the key to raising your vibration. The best way to start out is start small and savor the moments whenContinue reading “Don’t rush the journey, it is what life is about.”

Raise your vibe in 21 days!

Find it it on Google Play: Find the ebook on Amazon: Find the ebook on Barnesandnoble: This blog is an expansion on our ebook. During those dark days keeping a positive mindset was paramount. With the understanding that ‘there can not be light with out dark’. Our person development journey the discoveryContinue reading “Raise your vibe in 21 days!”