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What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?

When we think of space, the collective response is to reference space in terms of what we see.  The physical identity of space.  There are many books and shows about how to declutter and feng shui your space to help you grow. Yet have you ever stopped and thought about the space in your mind?Continue reading “What Is Taking Up Space In Your Mind?”

10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.

Hi Friends! Everyone is always talking about how being grateful is one of the secrets to living a happier life. This is very true. The more you are grateful; the more things for you to be grateful for will flow into your life. We usually limit of gratitude work to a morning or night routine.Continue reading “10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.”

Finding gratitude is finding YOU.

I had always had a weird relationship with the word gratitude. It stems from being told that I was ungrateful by my parents during my younger years. See, parents tend get mad when that children should just don’t ‘get it’ about how hard they work to give us (their children), things they never had. (ItContinue reading “Finding gratitude is finding YOU.”

When you make a decision is it for you or everyone else?

One of the best messages I found in my law of attraction journey; is that you gotta make decisions that serve you. I found that information at first, to be challenging. I have a son and would always base my decision on what I thought he needed. Until…I realized that all my preaching to myContinue reading “When you make a decision is it for you or everyone else?”

The small decisions should be celebrated.

Hi Friends! Happy Memorial Day 2020! As the USA celebrates Memorial Day, I am compelled to also remind ourselves to celebrate the small decisions that are raising our vibrations. Its funny thou… Because usually the benefit of replacing decision with a new decision isn’t always recognized; at first. Why? Most likey it is because youContinue reading “The small decisions should be celebrated.”