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Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?

I did Tony’s Robbins 5-day free challenge last week and my mind is blown.   I mean… yes, I have heard that his events have done tremendous transformations. He coaches Serena Williams, Michael Jordon and even Oprah has gone to his events.   But, I free challenge… let’s just say my expectations were not very high.  IContinue reading “Can a free Tony Robbins challenge really add value?”

How a solo traveling brought me back to me.

2019 was very interesting to me. I had finally recovered from injuries from a car accident.  My roommate and best friend had decided to settle down and buy a house.  I wasn’t there yet. I had some decisions to make about my future; which was hazy.   The accident pushed me off a trajectory that I thoughtContinue reading “How a solo traveling brought me back to me.”

10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.

Hi Friends! Everyone is always talking about how being grateful is one of the secrets to living a happier life. This is very true. The more you are grateful; the more things for you to be grateful for will flow into your life. We usually limit of gratitude work to a morning or night routine.Continue reading “10 easy ways to add gratitude into your day.”

When you make a decision is it for you or everyone else?

One of the best messages I found in my law of attraction journey; is that you gotta make decisions that serve you. I found that information at first, to be challenging. I have a son and would always base my decision on what I thought he needed. Until…I realized that all my preaching to myContinue reading “When you make a decision is it for you or everyone else?”

Another day. Another decision.

Hi Friends! With each new day brings a new opprunity to raise your vibration. And as always…it all starts with a decision. How about deciding not to doubt yourself? The inclination is there. I know this because your instinct is leading you to consume information on creating a better life. With that being said; whyContinue reading “Another day. Another decision.”

Shout out to Mel Robbins!

My introduction to Mel Robbins was on YouTube. Her video popped up because of all the ‘Law of Attraction’ videos I am constantly consuming. High five to the YouTube algorithm! You got it right! The first video that struck a note with me is 54321 method.Sounds silly right?How could a countdown improve my life?And howContinue reading “Shout out to Mel Robbins!”

It all starts with a decision.

The thing about decisions is that most are made subconsciously. We take the same route to work each day. We decide that if we stay in bed past a certain time on a non-work day we are being lazy. We decide to be negative or to be a positive person. The way we view lifeContinue reading “It all starts with a decision.”

Don’t rush the journey, it is what life is about.

Great! You have made the decision to raise your vibration, yet nothing has changed. It used to piss us off. Until, Abraham Hicks reminded us about contrast, the journey and feeling good. Feeling good is the key to raising your vibration. The best way to start out is start small and savor the moments whenContinue reading “Don’t rush the journey, it is what life is about.”