It’s all about the smile.

I am that person you see walking down the street bouncing my head to the music in my ears with a big ole smile. (behind the mask ofcourse)

I was never self conscious about my joy as the music put pep in my step.

Just like I am never afraid to smile when I am alone.

It feels good.

And it is all about feeling good right?

I have encountered some folks from other countries that say Americans smile to much. That Us smiling at strangers is disingenuous.

It’s not. So don’t believe that HYPE.

Smiling raises your vibe.

The good news you don’t need another set of eyes to act upon this action.


You just need a good feeling.

Or if you want a good feeling. Smile.

The good feeling will eventually follow.

Because as you smile, a reason to smile will come to mind.

It’s just a trick to use when you want to raise your vibration as you catch yourself in those lower energies.

Smile for yourself.

Smile for others.

The point is ‘SMILE’.

Try it.

And who cares if people think you’re crazy.

For isn’t it the crazies who change the world?

Thank you for letting me share.

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