When you smile from the inside you SHINE!!!

How to find your smile.

Smiling is easy.  You can receive one from a stranger on the street.  Or from a clerk in a store.  While all of those are great, the kind of smile that really means the most to you if you are low, is the one that comes from you.

A genuine smile from your heart to yourself is magic.

And it all stems from self-love.When you are in love with yourself nobody and no circumstance can knock you down.


Because you have the unwavering knowledge that you are following a path of your own destiny.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this especially during these troubling times?

It’s easy.  


When you feel yourself pivoting down into the lower vibrations, go inward.

Pause, take a deep breath and think of something, someone that will bring a smile to your face.

When I am going toward a low vibration, I usually recall a conversation with my best friend.  Every time we have a chat it is filled with nothing but laughter.

I can be myself with her and tell her all my cooking attempts that usually are going wrong.  Or we compare weird things our cats have done lately.

My other favorite way is just to gaze out the window.  I love to see the abundance of beauty that surrounds, and I assure myself that the ‘Universe has my back’.  

Lately, my go to when I am home is watching the dogs play at the dog park in my complex (my apartment faces it).  Just watching those dogs run and play is highly amusing to me.  

And!!!! I just got a laser toy for my cat which is already so much fun!

I love messing with him almost as much as he likes sitting on my head at 4am, while I am sleeping.

Bekindbewellsmile {dreamlife} dream path

The takeaway from this article. 

Go in to find your smile.

For when you do, and it comes out you will SHINE!!!

Thank you for letting us share.

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