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It all starts with a decision.

The thing about decisions is that most are made subconsciously. We take the same route to work each day. We decide that if we stay in bed past a certain time on a non-work day we are being lazy. We decide to be negative or to be a positive person.

The way we view life is a decision. A car accident twisted my view on the world. I slipped into fear. That little undertone emotion was new for me. I am the kinda person that will try anything once.

I have eaten a bug once or twice in my life.

Having that bit of backstory now you can grasp why I thought this fear emotion was so random.

I went inward. I started mediating more. The more I was mediating the more I catching myself awake. You know, that moment after you zone out and wake up out of it. That exact moment, I decide to focus on happy.

Most of the day we are on auto pilot, okay maybe not so much now cuz we are in lock down so I am going to pivot.

As you read this, take a deep breath. As you open your eyes, decide to be happy. Just to decide to be happy in that one moment.

Try it a couple times a day. Take a deep breath as you open your eyes decide to be happy.

After doing this for about 24 hours you will start having small scenes, pleasant inspirations cross your mine. You become more detailed in what you perceive your happiness to look like.

Try it. It’s fun.


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