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Breaking up with your old life.

It is ok to not be satisfied. 

Humans are made to be curious. 

I love the feeling of achievement.  It is impowering.

Yet, it can feel super weird sometimes. 

All because change sometimes comes with a sense of guilt.  

Guilt that you feel as you start to back away from things, people or places that no longer served you.

Guilt that you are living something or someone behind. 

A lot of us have to set up boundaries as we start on our self-development journey.

Awareness brings clarity.

Self-love is often mistaken for selfishness.

Growing is a basic human need is something that is not taught in school.

That is because a good majority of parental figures live in survival mode. 

Believing that fear and excitement can never coincide. 

Excitement can sometimes feel like fear.  

That is just your brain trying to protect you.

Fear of appears in different layers as you walk down your path of self-development. 

There are times you are so scared to change because you know you are out growing things.

Certain engagements or activities may not be relevant to you anymore.

Your mindset starts to change.  Certain underlying self-sabotaging habits come to light. 

Your world becomes more open as your mind does.

During the beginning stages of my awakening, I wanted to share as I learned.

Even to those who are not in the mental place to hear it.

Abraham Hicks often speaks about not pushing your journey onto other people.

The best thing you can do is ‘lead by example’.

I was glad when I received that information. 

It really engraved ‘everyone has their own path’.  

I wish not to be judged for walking my own path.

That is why I don’t judge others.

Instead, I feel honored to be a ‘witness of someone’s life.’  

The thing is… once make a decision to have a positive mindset; it is hard to revert. 

Your inner being hears you and starts to make it happen.

That is why you get those negative feelings warning you about self-sabotaging behaviors and negative.

You comfort zone should only be were you lay your head.

Remember that.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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