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A thought about hypnosis.

A wellness check with my doctor took an interesting turn the other day.  

He had noticed my positive attitude and wondered how I maintained a positive mindset while dealing with pain.

My response was that “your mindset has a huge impact on your recovery.”

The second statement out of my mouth was a ‘shout out’ to being hypnotized.

I understood that I needed a kick start to release a limited belief.  

That limited belief was lack of self- esteem.

This was back in 2009. 

After that hypnosis session; I left to the East Coast to go work at a dude ranch in the Colorado Rookies.

My family thought I was crazy.  I knew that it was the right move. 

I had always saw myself as a traveler, yet I was always nervous about traveling alone.

I feel that being hypnotized gave me an extra push to go after the life I wanted.

There is a stigma attached to hypnotism.  

Most people say that it takes away your free will. 

News flash…you can’t be hypnotized unless you want to.

Also, when you ‘zone out’ you are actually in a self-hypnosis state.  

I looked at my hypnosis session as a tool. 

A tool to give me a kick in the butt.

I need someone to guide me to my subconcious programming that I desired to release. 

There is no magic cure that instantly changes your life.  

You are going to have to put some effort in.

The work you put in will be rewarded.

A guided hypnosis season can be a gateway to path of the life you desire to manifest.  

I actually had forgotten about my hypnosis session until that conversation with my doctor.

Looking back, I can attribute the starting line of my journey to a positive mindset with that event.

That was the fire to start living the life I wanted to live.

That fire still roars on today.

I am an advocate for trying new things and finding new ways of shifting the perspective.  

If you are feeling kinda stuck on how to approach a limited belief; why not give hypnosis a try?

I still dabble from time to time with different videos on for fun.  

I find that it is a good way to check out if a hypnosis session is a good fit before  seeking out a professional.

Plus, there are a couple of Podcast that have hypnosis sessions.

Loving yourself is coinsides with in investing in yourself.

An open mind will come from a willingness to embrace the unknown.  

Hypnosis is nothing to fear unless you fear your own mind.

A positive mindset is a decision to be made every sunrise.

What decision do you make every morning when the light hits your eyes?

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile.

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