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Do you argue for your limitations?

How you can have one small thing happen in the morning which lead to a series of events throughout the day that gave you evidence of your morning decision that it was going to be a bad day?

I know that was a mouthful but, before I was aware of the ‘law of attraction’ I am pretty sure I did this. 

Letting one small silly thing be the evidence of my entire day.  

So how do you change it?

Easily, don’t give momentum to it.

Let me give you an example. 

As I went thru the checkout line the other day, the cashier dropped a couple of items while bagging my groceries.

She sighed, stating she has been having a bad day because she had been dropping stuff all day.  

I replied with a smile:  ‘My best friend and I call those kind of days ‘oopsy’.

“Oopsy?”  She questioned with a smile.

“Ya” I continued with a chuckle.  “Can’t sweat the small stuff.”

The cashier believed and decided that she was going to have a bad day because she dropped something in the morning.  

She kept speaking about having a bad day to her co-workers and customers thus, giving momentum to her bad day.    

Until, a pattern interrupt up came along, in the way of silliness.

After I left.  She repeated our conversation with co-workers about my silly word for dropping things. When her shift ended she went home and repeated the story again to her family.  Taking note that after she used ‘oops’ she actually stopped dropping stuff. She made light of perceived negative situation. 

That work-day ended up being joyful. 

The cashier stopped giving momentum to her bad day.

I love the lesson here.  So many of us don’t even realize that we are aruguing for our limitations.

Have you ever said I would like to do that, BUT?

That is a classic example for limiting yourself. 

I was chatting to a friend the other day about an opportunity that was presented to him for this summer. 

This opportunity would bring him closer to his family and friends that he hasn’t seen since the pandamic. 

Which is what he desired. 

It was a an advancement in the his field.  More money! 

Yet, every time he told me a positive about this opprunity, a ‘BUT’ accompied the statement.

I never said a word during the conversation. I just let him talk. 

When he was done, he had talked himself out of accepting the opportunity. 


His ‘BUT’ argument was too strong.  

He had approached the situation in a mindset of his limited beliefs.

After he was done speaking, I asked him to indulge me with an exercise.

  1.  Close his eyes, take some deep breaths and image himself in August (the job starts this May).
  2.   Then describe his life to me if he took the job (with his eyes closed).

I asked him to give details one what his life would look like.  

How would he feel? 

 What would he see?  

I knew that he really wanted the change and after letting him give me all the reasons why not, I asked him to tap into end result of why yes.

He took the job.

Neville Goddard teaches to see things from the end result. 

Once I started seeing from the end result of saying yes and allowing the universe to bring me my desire. Well…lets just say, my cheeks hurt from smiling.

There is magic when you stop giving momentum to ‘can’t’; in your life. 

There is a feeling of power when you start adjusting the dial to the vibration of the unlimited you.

There are many ways one can argue for their limitations. 

I went out and purchased a bunch of courses that actually have nothing to do with my path.  

It was a program of ‘I am not good enough’ which manifested with ‘I am not smart enough.’

Yes, there are things that I would like to learn. 

However, learning out of fear? Is that good approach?

Probably not.

I never finished those purchased classes.

There are some things that are not in my wheel house.

I have learned to be okay with that.

The word ‘can’t’ isn’t a shackle to me.

I don’t give momentum to it.

Just because something isn’t in my wheelhouse is no longer perceived a weakness. 

I have learned to start doing.

To have trust in the vision of my life.  

To surf the unfolding.

Learning what I need to learn, the time I when I need to learn it.

To let go and stop arguing, for why I can’t.

Falling in love with why I can.

Just image what kind of magic will appear in your life if you stop using arguing for your limitations of your dreams. 

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile. 

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