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There Is Peace In Minding Your Own Business

My favorite response to someone questioning my motives for not gossiping is ‘not my story to tell’.
Stops those yappy gums right in their tracks.

I have never felt the need to repeat other peoples’ news (especially bad news).
There are exceptions.
One being, if it is in your best interests to do so.
Also, if it will save someone from harm and so on.

Then there is spreading positive gossip.
Like telling your neighbors about the cool pop-up cupcake shop down the street from 4-8 pm tonight only.
That is the kind of story I like talking about.

There seems to be a pattern of communication that only involves telling other folks’ stories. Most of the telephone talk is the retelling of a negative event.
That’s what the local news is for.

Now, I understand that part of the reason for recanting another misfortune is to provide a cautionary tale.

Dare I ask?

As you give more attention to the negativity, aren’t you just inviting that kind of negativity into your own life?

Because you are.

The act of rehashing the story will slowly start to affect you. That story starts to have an emotional effect on you. Regardless, if you realize it or not.
An emotional attachment eventually forms.

Here’s the thing.

Just because it happened to them doesn’t mean it is going to happen to you.

So why carry it?

Why carry someone else’s burden?

There are a lot of humans out there that talk, just for the sake of talking.

Talking about negative things is not worth the conversation.

I have never been much of a big talker.

From a young age I adopted the attitude that if ‘I couldn’t contribute to the conversation in a positive way, stay silent.’

Plus, I am a writer, I listen for content.

Interesting things can be learned when you stay silent.

In the early days of my positive mindset shift, I often went silent for a couple of days.

No. I didn’t go on a retreat.

I was just silent where I was at.

Roommates were cautioned.

Not talking for a couple of days is very rewarding.

An experience of hearing the voice in your head clearly has been known to occur.

The appreciation of communication is elevated.

The love of oneself is heightened.

A shift of not willing to put negativity in your mind may erupt.

There are different ways to communicate.

Kindness in heart and mind, I find, to be the best way.

Take a 10-day detox from the negative gossip.

Share good stories instead.

Your life will become much lighter.

Trust me.

There is peace in mind your own business.

Thank you for letting me share.

Be kind. Be well. Smile!!!


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